In Memory Of

This page is an on-line memorial for the Fire Fighters of the Glen Gardner Fire Co., Inc. that have answered the final call.

Leslie Banghart
Charles Castner
William Chamberlan
Kenneth Cregar
Joe Dalpe
Ervin Deremer Sr.
Ervin Deremer Jr.
Jack Deremer
Robert Deremer
George Drake
William Drake
Anson Eick
Philip Ely
James Height
Art Hockenbury
Leslie Hockenbury
Lloyd Houston
Al Lance
Leroy Linzer
Robert Lomerson
Earl Miller
Fred Miller
Reid Nyce
Bucky Oakes
Jim Ovady
Edison B. Potter
Frank Potter
Watson Shannon
Robert Siebert
Pete Sigler Sr.
William Smith
Elijah Snyder
Andy Stevens
Alton R. Stevens
Willard Struble
Harry Waters
Gilbert Weller
George Conkling Jr.
William R. Clawson
Carmen M. Quelly  (October 10, 1924 - October 2, 2006)
Michael A. Rifino, Sr. (December 12, 1953 - February 16, 2009)
Paul W. Drake  (December 13, 1950 - November 28, 2009)
Kenneth (Kenny)V. Kaszyk (May 1, 1942 - February 21, 2012)

Information Submission

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